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11-04-2012, 02:33 PM
200 x 10 = 2'000 Dil Cap raise, that's why I split them into 200 each. Not because trade or exploration would make sense in the refining abilities being improved, but overall if you want to have the maximum of dilithium refined per day, you would have to reach Tear 5 in all departments.

I would also be fine with just adding 1 more colonist or enabling crit success on "Resetle Colonists" overall. About the refugee on crit success being green or blue, sure. Good idea as well.

It took us not too long to get to 150K, it won't take us very long to get to 300K, so the fleet mark conversion won't be held up for too long, if you're really into duffing.

If the duty officer assignments could be character-based increased, sure thing, then do it by all means. I just thought it's not possible.
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