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11-04-2012, 01:48 PM
Certain DOff missions have D as a reward and I think that's the most of it.

At level 21 you should be relatively experienced The DOff system is a little convoluted but not too complex to make it useless. The guide on the first page is extremely helpful to get your feet wet and although i have not looked for a video on this aspect of STO, I can assure you that what is needed is time and patience.

Time in that you should devote a play session to stop and look at the screens you are looking at. I do not mean to sound trite, but it is worth hovering the mouse over ever icon and clicking on everything in the DO interface. In fact, the guide on Page 1 suggests you read each DOff dossier - and it's true.

Patience in that you will need to try something and waiting for some results expecting to fail.

I strongly recommend not using the DOffs at every opportunity. They will level you faster than your personal game experience. Sure, being VA is an accomplishment, but if you can't back that up with skills, then you are a liability to the team or you will cause more frustration to yourself solo.
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