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11-04-2012, 02:03 PM
I think they need to decide what the assimilated tractor beam is for.

If it's just a free tractor beam skill- which I don't think is necessarily bad- then fine, reduce its cooldown to make it comparable to the equivalent-strength tractor beam and call it a day, because the current cooldown is way too high for that.

If it's supposed to be a major set bonus skill that superficially resembles tractor beam but otherwise is a major set skill with a 4-5 minute cooldown, then it needs to have its stats changed to make that the case. There is the obvious issue that current set skills tend to be fairly impotent, in general, but still.

Quite honestly, I think they could get away with it matching other set skills by just multiplying all its current attributes by ten. Base of 350 damage, drain 10 power from target, add 10 power to self.