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11-04-2012, 02:58 PM
Two attempts at Into The Hive today with Z on Tribble. The game creahed repeatedly during the first. I kept lowering the graphics setting until it finally stopped. DX11 is completely broken and DX9 isn't in much better shape either. Anyone using AntiAliasing on ATI hardware is going to have major issues! This also happens on New Romulus. I missed a lot of the first round but the second went a little better. A full 10ite team made getting to the Borg Queen a piece of cake but that last room was brutal! There are so many Borg! The Elite drone just kills everyone on it's own and takes longer to kill than all of the other drones combined. There is no cover to be had in this room because they shoot right through the two pillars. Needless to say, bioth attempts at completing Into The Hive were not successful.

If this mess hots Holodeck this upcoming Thursday. The bit of it I'm actually interested in will be unplayable other than the Starbas 254 or whatever it's called, daily.