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An open letter to the developers.

This thread will probably get buried amongst the everything else about Season 7. But I have to get this off my chest. Simply said credit player who having diligently doing STF is quest for the Mk XII gear piece with Omega Reputation. Give the most diligent players Tier 5 from the very start. And scale it down from there. According to you, some players have been trying for a year, or more, trying to complete those Mk XII sets. Locking them out for 2-3 more months (or more) of of getting Mk XII equipment is punishment to those players.

Let me give a highly improbably hypothetical, but one that clearly makes my point. Player John doe is a casual player. He can play 2 or 3 times a week for an hour, maybe more. He knows under the current system, it would be a miracle for him to get a Mk XII set, so he settles for getting a Mk XI set. John has been working on doing STF when he can and has gotten 2 pieces of his Mk XI set. He's quite please with his progress.

On the night before Season 7 goes live he's working on getting those last 40 EDCs so he can complete his Mk XI set. He's up to 39 EDC and it's getting late. He's close, but he need to get up and go to work tomorrow. He's finish up with once more STF tomorrow or the next day.

Season goes lives. He's STF currencies are converted go locked away from his use. He's in a few days later, see Season 7 is launched, starts patching up his game client and reading the patch notes (or maybe not). But eventually he finds out those 39 EDC have been locked up out of his reach. He finds out from a new site or the forums, he got to way 60 days to reach Tier 5 of Omega Reputation before he can access STF currencies again. That's 60 days if you log in virtually every day to make progress. But John can't login every day. He's got 2 or 3 days a week at most. So that's 90, 120, or 180 or more.

He's got a wait months before he can complete his Mk XI set. Now, how do you think John feels about that. I know how I would feel about that. And it's not a positive emotion.

Thank for your time in reading this.