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There have been several discussions about Engineers... the taunt thing - personally (and I know it's common) - tends to be a Hell No! Taunts in PvE are a bad enough mechanic - there's no need to have that nonsense in PvP as well.

Damage transfer would be suicide.

And er, the Tacs may not want the Eng to have GDF.

I'll say what I've said in most of the Eng discussions.

Look at the Eng Ground Abilities. Where are the space equivalents? Oddly enough, the answer tends to be that anybody has them, you can buy them from the Z-Store, or either Sci or Tac has them.

If Eng actually had those abilities back... I believe it would make a world of difference.

Barrier Generator, Carrier (Pets, Drones, etc), Subsystem Targeting, Turrets, some kind of heavy CD alpha nuke, support platforms, boosted mines, etc, etc, etc...

...yeah, all the stuff that's in the store or given to somebody else.

It's bogus.

edit: It's bogus - as in what they gave to everybody else - not your ideas. Just wanted to make sure that was clear. I may roll Sci all but exclusively now, but that's how I get the majority of what should be the Eng abilities.

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