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11-04-2012, 05:32 PM
Seriously do not feel that there is any justification for hiking up the dilith costs on Reassigning Underperforming Officers and General Recruitment. The rate hikes aren't just marginal increases, they're quantum leaps!

I only recently started to enjoy the DOFF part of the game and find it to be very different and yet perfectly complimentary to the rest of the game. The idea of having crew members other than BOFFS impact game play is brilliant. But now that it has become an integral part of the overall game it borders on ...well i cant say it without risking being banned from the forums. 'Bait and switch' comes to mind as a less aggressive way of explaining how I view this change.

Please, please don't do this. You will be taking away an important part of what now makes this game fun. There is no way I can afford the dil sinks you have added to this game despite your insistence that the increased grind only amounts to a couple of hours a week for casual gamers. I upgrade doffs every chance i get, but that will be nearly impossible once this dil tax is forced on us.

As has been more eloquently stated by others before me, we will need dil for sooooo many other grinds and yet we can only refine 8,000 per day. I don't mind paying for my enjoyment with real money, but to do so for dil, under these circumstances, makes me feel like I'm being taking advantage of. And leaving that kind of bad taste in the mouth might just be enough for me to explore options. Im not making the threat that others have that I will leave the game. Im a lifer and i love sto but i will certainly have diminished enjoyment and with that usually comes diminished involvement. I really can't stress how strongly I feel that this is a bad business decision. Please reconsider. Thank you for reading my thoughts on this matter.