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11-04-2012, 05:34 PM
I hear what your saying, I spent the last couple days grinding IGE like crazy, I finally finished my Mk XII Omega set, and I am totally thrilled with it. But I can totally appreciate the situation you outlined, and having staired that basic concept in the eye I total feel everyone else who has considered it.

That said having looked over the rep tree, seen the new abilities rewarded by the system, I can accept that they want fresh efforts to get them. I do agree that the boxing of rewards is a less then ideal solution, and that players should not have their previous rewards taken away, doing so invalidates their efforts. Now I understand their not really taken away they are just held in trust, and that there is "interest" in the form of bonus dilithium rewarded when they are returned. But lets face it, tier 5 is going to be 2-3 months off for hardcore players. John Doe, getting in 3-4 hours a week, is probably looking at 3-4 months probably a little longer, depending on how long he's played and how well he knows the game.

So unless that bonus, is substantial I can't see how this method of conversion is a good idea, from the players stand point.