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11-04-2012, 05:43 PM
Originally Posted by fadmbambam View Post
Something's wrong with one of our fleet projects on Tribble - says we need 6 DOFFs and that all six have been contributed, but it does NOT show that it's filled - still says I can contribute (although it doesn't allow me to.)

Edit - this is happening on multiple fleet projects. The interesting thing is that it's only happening on the left column of items, not the right.
I just saw that as well. Ditto on the left vs. right.

My /bug report: Despite flying in Ship A (my escort), NPCs were addressing me with my Ship B name (my shuttle).
The ship selection UI is not quite clear on what the radio buttons and confirmation button are actually doing for me, but I can see they're on the right track with it. So glad to have shuttles come into their own finally.

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