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I've noticed a trend lately that really makes me wonder what the developers reasoning for it is. There are several good ships in the Z-Store, but why not make all of the ships, Ferengi, Cardassian, Jem'Hadar and the new Temporal ships, available through the Z-Store as well? To get the necessary amount of Lobi Crystals from unlocking all of those stupid lockboxes, I could potentially purchase the lifetime membership at it's regular $300 price tag.

The reason I bring this is up that you can purchase spiral wave disruptors in the dilithium store, even though you get those when you are lucky enough to get a Galor-class cruiser. I can understand if it is a new promotional item just fresh out (like the Temporal ships and the Chimera destroyer), wait a while before moving it over to the Z-Store, but there are some players (I believe) that would like the chance to Z-Store the ships and give them a try.

Anyone else feel the same way?
There are two reasons for this.

First, CBS does not want it to be overly commonplace for Starfleet officers (and presumably KDF officers) to be flying around Ferengi and Jem'Hadar ships. It's really that simple, considering it causes a lot of disruption to the motif. As such if you see 100 D'kora hanging around DS9, and only one or two of the old saucer-and-nacelles ships that look more like they're ready for the scrap yard than to scrap Borg, you've got problems.

Second is money. You're asking them to drop 90%+ of the profit they get from this. This is not going to happen, since the lockbox sales are a large part of what keeps the lights on for STO. Even if the game is financially in the black if they dropped them all tomorrow, a lot of what PWE allocates resource-wise depends on what they think they can get from STO, so more income likely leads to a better, more stable STO. People don't like this, and often try to ignore it in their angry tirades, but it's the truth.