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11-04-2012, 06:14 PM
Further thoughts. I have focused too much on the Currency issue. There is also an issue of effort. The Omega Reputation system isn't like the Romulan Reputation system. The Romulan Rep. system has new game play in order to advance in it. However, the Omega Reputation system is be retrofitted onto existing game play.

It is game player that player have spent thousands of player hours doing. I dear say that there are more than just a few player who have earned Tier 5 in the Omega Reputation System many times over. Those player an other should be credited with an appropriate level of reputation along with the commiserate system rewards.

Let me repeat Omega Fleet (i.e. STFs) game play is NOT new. Player should be credited an appropriate amount of Reputation in proportion to their STF game play. All the who up to Tier 5.