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11-04-2012, 06:45 PM
The "evil" Romulans are Tal Shiar operatives. They don't want help from the Federation (and probably don't want New Romulus to succeed).

The Hirogen are hunters. They're obviously there to hunt. With Sela gone, they have no reason to be nice to the Romulans anymore either. And of course they're going to shoot you. You're an enemy to them.

The Tholians are shown to be attacking Romulan ships throughout the Tau Dewa sector. Naturally they'd also be on New Romulus trying to muck things up.

There are some Hirogen that can cloak, like the Stalkers. The Tal Shiar is an intelligence agency, so they likely have their own personal cloaks too. The "always cloaked" thing is most likely a bug (they happen during testing).

Everything makes sense if you think about it.
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