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# 1 Maco uniform issues.
11-04-2012, 06:55 PM
So on holodeck I managed to get all elite options done and I have the full mark xii set. When i copyed my character over today, and I spawned in esd, my visuals where there np. Now I was running around esd and then i went to change my uniform to omega look. When I went to switch back to my maco, it wouldnt. It would eather switch to another unfiorm look i stored in another clothing slot or not load period.

Now my omega set look which ive done all the elite options for again, I could go back to it and it woudl display correctly, and switching to other clothing "slots" I would still be able to go back to it with nps..

So it seems theres an issue with displaying my "elite maco" look/appearance.

Hope Iam not the only one having this issue, did submit a bug report about it.
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