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11-04-2012, 07:06 PM
The go down fighting is something a tac has and can use very well, I`m talking a passive but much smaller amount of damage buff for the engineer, all based on consistent incoming damage. they get no boost to damage output if you don`t shoot them, doesn`t matter what state there health is in.

The other comment made towards the damage transfer being suicide, no it wouldn`t be, just like extends shields, it would give engineers a reason to tank in pvp, all be it not an insane amount. A good example is the draw fire ability the tacs already have and don`t use. Give it to engineers work it into the damage/threat transfer ability and after so much damage it stops working. (early if nesscary).

I`m looking for ideas for the balance of class demands in pvp, right now engineers have limited viability group pvp, besides being cruiser healers, let them tank/taunt like they should.

I believe engineers should be tanking/aggro machines, in pve as they are and in pvp which they are not at the moment. I know I shouldn`t use wow as an example but in this case I can`t think of anything else, warriors have or had an ability to take damage in place of someone else, paladins had it too when they tanked, it would meld well with the class in sto as it is.

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