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11-04-2012, 07:16 PM
Well to be fair on the communication front, not everyone is a high speed touch typist, and stopping to respond to chat can be a serious distraction. Like pretty much every MMO this game doesn't come with an instruction manual, for repeatable missions like STFs it would be nice if players could practice in holodeck simulations to get their act together before they go live, though I suppose the Normal/Elite system is supposed to serve that purpose.
The STF que system could do with a little more player detailed info, ie. a list of player names and their ships, that way players could see what kind of company they will be having in the mission allowing them to drop out of the que without penalty. Elitists who think they are too good for everyone could see whether they are in capable company and avoid groups they don't like, sparing those groups their "distinguished" presence, and players could be forewarned if they see a name familiar for being useless or a horses buttocks, this would also allow players to avoid those who sit through fleet events to collect marks for doing nothing.
Even without such there is no justification for being abrasive with other players because they don't meet some obscure criteria, it's only a game, none of these skills are of any worth in the real world and if anyone is taking this so seriously that they can't make it an enjoyable experience for everyone they should be doing something else.