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11-04-2012, 07:17 PM
Originally Posted by arvistaljik View Post
I'd like to see a Vulcan Bundle in similar fashion to the DS9 or TOS bundles. What I'd include (most of these are from Star Trek Enterprise):

  • Vulcan IDIC Combadge
  • Vulcan Bridge and Ship Interior based on the Seleya from ENT:Impulse
  • Vulcan Military Uniforms
  • Vulcan Ambassador/Minister/High Command Robes
  • Vulcan Monk/Sage Robes (already in-game, just make them player usable)
  • Vulcan Shuttle (small shuttle seen parked on the High Command landing pad in ENT:Kir'Shara) w/Cockpit (cockpit would also be available on the Tal'kyr Support Craft)

Price it the same as the other bundles and I think it would be worth it, since it contains the same amount of "items" as the DS9 bundle.
I would buy this