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Originally Posted by amlross View Post
Please don't use the forums for the buying and selling of items.....

As for your request:

That's not how it works.

If I have a galor and the going price on the exchange is 80m, why would I sell it to you for less?

You haven't said anything that would prompt anyone to agree to sell to you.
Most likely this thread will be locked since I didn't do the due diligence in posting policies. My sincere apologies for the trouble.

On the other hand, your argument is unreasonable. Obviously you have no idea how the market works. STO has an archaic auction system where the prices are "determined" solely by the suppliers/sellers. How is it that 80M is the "market price" when that same price is determined by the very seller, determined to make profit?

You are basically telling me to go to a car dealership, never question about the pricings, and buy the lowest listed price car provided by the dealer because "since his quoted price is the market price!" Only a fool would do that.

I have legitimate reasons to expect lower pricing since the Exchange only reflects supplier's side.

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