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When you hit level 40, I'd advise you to take the Vo'quv as your "free" ship and buy a Mirror Qin Raptor off the exchange (they're cheap, only 600k or so).

The Mirror Qin is equivalent to a Fed Patrol Escort with a cloak, and it's a great escort. As for the carrier, I think every KDF player should give that a try, as it's a whole different game when you're using the bird-of-prey pets. As a tac, most of your captain powers are self-only, but Fire On My Mark ought to help your BoPs hit hard.

And if you don't like the carrier, you'll have that Mirror Qin to go back to.

*And I see that you did get the Mirror Qin. Great. DHCs will noticeably increase your DPS, although a beam escort can be made to work if you use it right. On a ship like the Qin, I'd recommend two DHCs and two torpedoes fore, three turrets aft. All energy weapons should be the same type. Quantums are probably the best torps for burst damage, although a strong argument can be made for photons for DPS-over-time. Use two energy consoles and two torp consoles, and a mix of energy and torp boff powers. Use three projectile weapons officer doffs, so you're firing torpedoes constantly. In this way, torps should actually be providing a majority of your total damage.

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