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Originally Posted by jovoloro View Post
I believe engineers should be tanking/aggro machines

Ground Abilities:
Reroute Power to Shields - sure, it buffs their shields.
Cover Shield - is a support ability.
Support Drone Fab - support ability.
Orbital Strike - assault/damage ability (should be Tac)
Engineering Proficiency - support ability.

BOFF Ground:
Chron Mines - damage/snare.
Quick Fix - buff/cleanse/
Shield Recharge - heal.
Weapons Malfunction - debuff.
Reroute Power to Shields - same as noted above.
Shield Generator Fab - buff/heal.
Turret Fab - DPS pet.
Cover Shield - same as noted above.
Equipment Diagnostics - cleanse/buff.
Medical Generator Fab - buff/heal.
Quantum Mortar Fab - DPS pet.
Combat Supply - consumable generation.
Fuse Armor - debuff.
Support Drone Fab - same as noted above.

BOFF Space:
Emergency Power to X - self subsystem buff.
Engineering Team - heal/cleanse.
Aux to Bat - self power buff.
Aux to Damp - self buff.
Aux to Structural - buff/heal.
Boarding Party - special damage/disable.
Directed Energy Mod - shield pen buff.
Extend Shields - target heal/buff.
Reverse Shield Polarity - damage to shield conversion.
Aceton Beam - debuff/DoT.
Eject Warp Plasma - snare/DoT.

So exactly where are you seeing the Engineer as the tanking/aggro machines?

RSF, MW, NI, RSP, EPtS... and pretty much just in space? That's the case for them being the tanks?

So pretty much ignore everything that screams that an Engineer is the Support Career - that they're the ones that keep others alive, fix what the enemy's trying to break, help break the enemy, bring the toys, etc, etc, etc...?

Tac - DPS
Eng - Defensive Support/Offensive Support
Sci - Offensive Support/Defensive Support

The Eng Captain space abilities are borked compared to Tac and Sci. Tac Ground/Space matches the best - then Sci - with Eng being a joke.

There are plenty of ways to improve Engineers so that they're thought of as more than just healers in PvP - without making them something or trying to introduce the artificial Trinity into PvP.

Neither Tac nor Sci would be happy with that... so thread after thread, it tends to fall on deaf ears.

edit: For example, Subsystem Targeting on a Sci ship. Really? Who's going to be more familiar with how a starship works... the guy that works on them or... oh yeah...

There's a bit of this here and there... stuff that doesn't make sense.
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