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1) That would be your Camera type under Options -> Controsl -> Space -> Camera Type -> Follow Target or Chase. The 'X' keep is a camera target lock key bind.

2) That would be Warp Core Breach (i.e. ship blows up). The biggger the ship, teh bigger and more power the explosion it will be. Distance from the explosion and Shields will reduce damage to nearby ships. It boils down depends.

3) Double click a ship doesn't steer your ship. If you press Left+Right mouse buttons, you ships will steer in the direction of your camera is pointing.

4) I (Inventory) -> Assets tab -> Refine Dilithium button.

5) You can get more DOFF from teh C-Store. But also as rewards for completing certain DOFF mission and chains, your can also recruit more DOFF from PErsonnel Officer in teh NW building on the Starfleet Academy campus. There are also A Vulcan, Telerite and Andorian Personnel Officer which have mission to recruite DOFF of that specie at SFA

6) You can get a Free EV suit in the "The 2800" series of missions in the DS9 sector area When you are Captain or thereabouts. Therw also should be a glut of Enviormental Suits on the Exchange that you can purchase for Energy Credits.