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11-04-2012, 09:17 PM
I have a Tac Oddy. Fantastic ship, a great hearler and tank. I guess my biggest hangup about the bigger cruisers is mounting torps. I can't see wasting a slot, even the 180 torp, on an Oddy or Galaxy. Even 7 turrets and a torp will leave you motionless infront of your target, or having to turn once you pass to get that torp back in the firing arc.

Torps should be far more viable an option for the big boats, and not with a 2500 zen price tag.

Galaxy variant cstore ships need to be on par with the Oddy cstore ships.

Don't nerf escorts or sci ships, just try to find creative ways to make big boats more useful, and I say this as a guy who has been in elite stfs with 4 other cruisers, as well as flying an escort with 4 other escorts. The difference is night and day, and not the fault of the escort ship, but the design of the cruiser.