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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Instakills are not part of the design, and will be addressed and removed as quickly as possible.

The mission is supposed to be challenging. Instakills are not a challenge, they are a frustration.
I agree with what some of the others have said

1. Yes, insta-kills gotta go, but not all of them. My own personal thought on this is: If you can counter it somehow (like shooting down the plasma balls), it should be able to kill you in one shot. If you CANNOT counter it, it should not be able to one-shot you.

An example: Queen's Iso Charge, you can't stop or resist that at all, so in turn, you can't stop it once she fires, meaning you are probably going to die no matter what. The same applies for much of her other abilities, like her aceton wave thing.

On the other end: Plasma Balls from the V'gers can be shot down, TBR'ed, and so on, but you CAN get rid of em. The biggest annoyance is the Regen probes healing them more than anything else.

(Much of this same thing can apply for the other STFs in space and on ground. Tough is good, insta-kills and un-counterabile things are not)

2. I like Johnny's idea, sustained DPS. I agree with that completely. Make the Borg do consistant DPS, instead of massive spike damage. Enough to really make someone sweat, but not dying instantly.

Have the Borg hit hard enough to make a tank really be a tank, and a sci or escort know that they gotta go if they get shot at. One good idea for all spheres, cubes, and probes is make their plasma beam arrays 360 degrees. Keep their torps the same at least for now. They wouldn't have to turn as much, but it'd keep the damage on their target much more often.

A longer-term idea that could be done in the future, is lower the damage that the Borg do considerably, but add more weapons for them, mostly plasma beams for again, probes, spheres, and cubes. Like a tac cube could be firing off 6 beam arrays all at once, especially if using a FAW. Each hit wouldn't be huge, but would quickly add up. I know that isn't easy or quick to do, but it'd keep everything challenging, without going overboard.

Hmm...this is about all I have on this at the moment.

Originally Posted by mrodds View Post
Thanks for the feedback!!!! We'll be looking at the insta-kills and the rewards.... If you all could, would you please post how long it took you to complete this STF? Remember to post if your time is for a normal run or elite.
For myself and the group I was in, on the post in page 15, took us about 40-45 minutes. I wasn't really looking too much into it at the time so I dunno how close that is, but I think it's a good guess/estimate. It was an elite run though, and it was personally my first time doing it.

The first phase was just under 10 minutes (we barely made the optional, so I know that one for sure)
The second phase took around 10-15 minutes (it was at least the most hectic though and we didn't make the optional)
The Queen took any remaining time after that. (but we did make the optional)

Edit: I'd also like to add I made this thread here, for possible further balancing of the other STFs in the future:

Why are all of STO's EPs named 'Steve'?

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