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# 1 My B'rel
11-04-2012, 10:05 PM
Last night I posted a thread in the PvP area about flying around in Ker'rat in my B'rel, I thought I'd post my build.

To be totally honest, I know it ain't very good.

To start, science toon is in this.


Shield/engine/deflector: Borg Set (If I get lucky before season 7 hits, I will put at least two-piece Honor Guard space on this, for the torpedo and aux bonus)

Tac: 3 Mk XII blue TCD Subspace Infusers
Sci: 3 Mk XII blue Stealth Modules
Enginer: 3 Mk XI blue Neutronium Alloys, sometimes switched with Monotanium, and also sometimes switch in an Impulse Burst console)


Fore: 2 Chroniton Torp launchers, Tric torpedo launcher, Bio Neural Warhead
Aft: 2 Tric mine launchers

Unfortunately...all those weapons are Mk XI greens. I would have better, but money atm, and two I accidently liquidated all of this toon's STF assets for dil, and didn't want to.

BOFF set-up:

Cmdr as a tac: TT 1, CRF 1, torp spread 3, Dispersal pattern beta 3
Lt. Cmdr tac: TT 1, ATB 1, THY 3
Lt sci: Tractor Beam 1, Sci team 2
Lt. Engineer: Eng team 1, Aux to structural 1

So yeah...I know that's not good at all. I am gonna respec this toon soon, since the previous ship it was in, was a Vo'quv. I will be putting points into Stealth and all Projectile abilities at least.

I'd just like to say this will be almost purely for PvP in Ker'rat, staying cloaked as much as possible, and firing off loads of torpedoes and mines.

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