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I was wondering why certain specializations contribute to Success on missions that only have success or critical possibilities, namely on the cxp-to-fm conversion assignments.

This ends up making the success traits or specializations undesirable, since having the crit traits alone results in a more favorable outcome percentage. Was this intended? Because the specializations listed seem like they should help, not hurt, the assignment. But when there are no failure options, they only serve to counterbalance critical traits.

This is showing up on the New Romulus epohh missions on Tribble as well. It's obvious that biologists and research scientists are supposed to be useful with the assignments, but they are currently a liability. A purple biologist with one crit trait gets a worse probability than an unrelated blue scientist with one crit trait.

Any word on this? Right now, it discourages using doffs that have the 'right' specialty, even if they have crit traits.

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