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Dont compare apples and oranges.

First, dealerships get their supply the manufacturer ... I will not go into details as it would be long and boring (and even wrong at places as I dont know that much about it) but prices ARE streamlined to some degree since the prices ARE set by the manufacturer, they are not going to haggle for it even if they might have a bit of a wiggle room for extras, I dont know what country are you from by cars ads in my country have the minimum price on then and they are being paid by the manufacturers, not the dealerships.

A Lockbox ship is not a car, you are not buying a used starship with 47,000 lightyears under the hood either ... you are buying rare item that can only be find by random low chance in a expensive lottery system, also one that is currently not available so this is like you asking if you can buy a Limited Production Ferrari at the price you want, not the price the owner feels rights.

And only a fool would do that because right now only way you can get a D'Kora is from the exchange and if they are being sold at 70-80 million mark why would they sell it lower? If there are buyers for it they would be losing money if they would be selling under the exchange prices since, that IS the market price.


/Sorry for the highjack and offtopic about this.
STO uses an archaic exchange system where the demand side is not fully reflected in its pricing. Obviously you are not quite sure how the exchange works in real life or else, you wouldn't be here, mumbling about your nonsense. Just because the lowest listed price on the Exchange is 70M doesn't necessarily mean that is the "market price" of the stated good. Since there is no way for us to establish a "buy-order," the lowest price still does not input the actual signal from the buyer.

Your argument makes perfect sense if we are talking about common goods that are exchanged by thousands every day on the Exchange, but we are talking about rare goods here that barely move in trade volumes. In this instance, it makes it even more difficult to gouge actual market price since there isn't much trading history/precedent prices to begin with.

There are sellers who are not inclined to wait for days to get his D'kor sold after posting a sell-order for more than two weeks. Just because I just bought Tholian Orb Weaver for 30M (lowest Exchange price 38.5M) doesn't mean I scammed him. He didn't sell it for 38.5M because he was literally sick of waiting for someone to buy the Orb for two freaken weeks.

That also applies to the Galor that I just purchased because seller knew that the listed price of 75M is not going to sell anytime soon.