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11-04-2012, 11:35 PM
It's not totally awful by any means, and I can certainly see what you're going for, but two things strike out like a sore thumb:

1. You have CRF on a ship without cannons
2. Your Eng/Sci slots are a bit of a mess. Ditch both the Sci/Eng teams and consider EPtS, RSP (invaluable on a BoP), Polarize Hull, TSS or TBR. The tractor beam is good to have around though.

I would also personally consider taking a Com. Sci and running Lt. Com/Lt. Tac instead, this plays more to your strengths as a Sci cappy since you can take Rank 3 versions of skills like Photonic Shockwave, Viral Matrix (this one is really nasty with DOffs) and Scramble Sensors.

Generally speaking I've never had problems using stealth so long as I keep my aux preset (a power setting with auxiliary cranked up to max) on and don't wander too stupidly close to any Fed sci ships. Since you're a Sci in a B'rel no less, you should really have your aux primed at 125 all the time anyway since it not only helps with stealth but gives you a noticeable buff to your SNB and Sensor Scan. You could swap the stealth consoles out for something like a Borg console (gives that little bit extra crit chance) or some particle generators for PSW.

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