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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
It's not totally awful by any means, and I can certainly see what you're going for, but two things strike out like a sore thumb:

1. You have CRF on a ship without cannons
2. Your Eng/Sci slots are a bit of a mess. Ditch both the Sci/Eng teams and consider EPtS, RSP (invaluable on a BoP), Polarize Hull, TSS or TBR. The tractor beam is good to have around though.

I would also personally consider taking a Com. Sci and running Lt. Com/Lt. Tac instead, this plays more to your strengths as a Sci cappy since you can take Rank 3 versions of skills like Photonic Shockwave, Viral Matrix (this one is really nasty with DOffs) and Scramble Sensors.

Generally speaking I've never had problems using stealth so long as I keep my aux preset (a power setting with auxiliary cranked up to max) on and don't wander too stupidly close to any Fed sci ships. Since you're a Sci in a B'rel no less, you should really have your aux primed at 125 all the time anyway since it not only helps with stealth but gives you a noticeable buff to your SNB and Sensor Scan. You could swap the stealth consoles out for something like a Borg console (gives that little bit extra crit chance) or some particle generators for PSW.
Did I put CRF? I meant CSV, but still, I know. Most of my BOFFs were just carried over as-is from my Vo'quv. What would you recommend I put in it's place though? I would guess a Mine pattern, or an Attack pattern.

That is true, I need to fix up my eng/sci slots. I mostly had to sci team to counter other SNB users, AMS, etc.

I'm thinking...E-power to shields 1, Aux to structural 1 still, along with Tractor Beam 1, and HE 2. A couple hull heals, both of which will be helped by my high aux, along with a shield heal for those times I might need it.

I do keep my aux high a lot of the time, but it's set at 90, not 100. Partially because of Warp Core Potential (as her spec stands atm), but also because of a blue Technician I have from owning the DS9 bundle, which gives me 15 Aux while cloaked. This lets me put more into engines. I do have the Borg console, which I wouldn't mind using, but with my Stealth consoles, skill, and high aux, I'm barely ever seen by anyone unless an ability manages to knock me out of it (CPB, Warp plasma, etc), or I fire torpedoes or use an ability on someone else.

My other DOFFs are quite crummy, mostly some torpedo reducing ones, and the Technician. Again, no cash to buy better ones atm.
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I must admit, respect points to Trendy for laying down the law like that.