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11-04-2012, 11:32 PM
the counter that I use for her torp spread are the combo of brace for impact and tac team. it heavily mitigates the incoming damage, even in an escort. another thing that I use is the SNB captain skill for my sci toon. I make sure to engage her from behind, let her charge her three skills which you can see pop green on her avatar and then snb her, leaving her vulnerable and declawed.

as for the iso charge from the negh vars in CSE, they should always be focus fired upon by the team when it spawns. also, have the person behind it, usually the one that will hold aggro attack it first, so it has to turn 180 degrees to use the iso charge skill. this buys everyone time. then pop the sucker and no one has to die unnecessarily.

as for donatra and her cloak, the easiest way to find her is to lay a couple of aceton assimilators close to her and to follow the blue energy trail. pet spam works well too, as with danube shuttles and whatnot. they will follow her even while she's cloaked. boost your aux power to max and head to her general area and her cloak will go down sooner than if you were to wait around for her to do it herself.