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11-04-2012, 11:51 PM
its a turret as far as I can tell but not affected by CRF CSV. It does not work with target subsystems and I've heard BO and such are no go as well. So laser shooty thing you put on a rear weapon slot and then fire and forget.

As for stats why not

Rather decent on NPC ships really good on structures and probably give or take vs people.
It tends to be higher dps than rear turrets if your firing against a bare hull, and considerably less against shields. Tetryon glider works with it. I have not had a test target to really get to know how it applies damage(one big sum ore in several ticks ect). Have not seen the set bonus buff on me yet but havent really been watching for it(stated 2.5%chance).

now back to it shooting from the hallway in front of main engineering?