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11-04-2012, 11:58 PM
it doesn't matter if the boss comes out or not. once they die, they will respawn in a predetermined amount of time. my best suggestion for you is to work as a team to clear out the room and to do the consoles quickly and efficiently. generally speaking, all 5 members should clear out the left platform, then the right platform and then the center. why? it is because when the borg do respawn, the left platform is the furthest away from everyone in the fight and will pose the least trouble if indeed the fight takes longer than expected. then as the three people jump to activate the consoles, the two remaining ones should hastily clear the platforms ahead. a sci with a pulsewave is efficient at doing this. i generally do this by having one person middle covering with a split beam rifle, to help draw aggro, as i jump to the top left corner. i then melee and pulsewave the closest corner guy into the plasma. i swing around the console and line up the two remaining on the platform and tach harmonic and pulsewave them into the plasma. then i jump to top mid and melee push them into the plasma, using a pulsewave shot if they don't quite make it. finally, jumping to the last corner, i go behind the closest guy, push him close to the edge and pulsewave him into the plasma. swing around the console and tach harmonic the last two, finishing off with a pulsewave if necessary. the middle guy will have kept some aggro, so the clearing guy isn't dealing with 3 drones at once, while the 3 jumpers can focus on jumping and the consoles. no one has to die unnecessarily and the room gets done in a quick and efficient manner.

i suggest the middle guy use a split beam, because any weapon with knockback can disrupt the pattern, making it harder for the clearing guy to do their job and thus, wasting time. i hope you give it a go and remember, use the omega set power as often as you can and you will be fine.

when dealing with the queen, have a tactical captain use tactical initiative just as the fight is beginning and have your sci rattle off the powers in this order: tach harmonic, sensor scan and then nano virus. then repeat tach harmonic and sensor scan while firing in between. this makes the fight sooo much faster, thus mitigating the chances you will have to deal with respawning borg.