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Originally Posted by kittichailuk View Post
At the moment im using full jem set and polarons.

Im killing enemy easily.. but as you said im dying a lot..

Do i have to use the whole jem set to get the extra polaron damage?
Couple things:

1) you only need the 2 piece for the polaron damage bonus, so you could still use a HG or Maco shield to help survivability. You will lose out on the antiproton sweep, which is nice, but its not a huge deal. In PvP, antiproton sweep is nice for killing BoPs.

2) Polarons aren't that great in PvE. The 7.6% bonus only applies to base damage, so it's a really small buff overall, and you'd be lucky for the actual damage increase to break even when compared to a more damage oriented weapon type like Disruptor or Antiproton. Also, the damage tac consoles are significantly cheaper, so it's not nearly as expensive to put the 30% MkXIIs on a Polaroid boat as it is on a antiproton or disruptor boat.

3) the best reason for actually using the jem'hadar set and polaron weapons is thematic. There are other set-ups that give you equal or better damage with improved survivability.

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