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Originally Posted by ikuruyo View Post
Last I checked they had increased the payouts for stfs. Estfs were giving 960 and normals were 480.

Its amazing how long old information hangs around.
I have to correct this, it seems they removed the dilithum reward for elite stfs in this patch. I managed to get one started after waiting over an hour and got just 75 omega marks for the completion with optional. No dilithium at all.

The removal of the ability to see how many are in a queue will probably result in my not bothering to queue for most of the missions in that list. Some of the less frequently run ones will never fill now, if I can't tell if I"m alone or if there are 4 of us waiting for a 5th I'll never bother to queue in the first place.

Any with 10 or 20 required to start it? Not happening. Ever.

Also, the rep projects for Romulan weapons are still requiring 40 hours. Can't remember which but I know that the zeropoint energy console had a 40 hour timer on it.

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