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i still can't see anything that nerfed directly or indirectly how cruisers performed before season 6. that was also discussed in a thread few month ago, and nothing of substance was found there as i recall. So yeah, undo all changes done to the cruiser during season 6...won't change anything significant.
I remember having that discussion and I'm not sure if it was cruisers, it may be the NPCs getting better resistances (Low level sustained damage would suffer but burst is generally so high that it doesn't matter), however something definitely changed even if it wasn't with cruisers, if my jack of all trades Excelsior didn't fall flat on it's face with season 6 I wouldn't have the build I do now so going back a little, seeing what made such builds fail dismally and reversing that would go some way to solving that.

Originally Posted by baudl View Post
as i said before...most cruiser complains are about the galaxy r, and that ship needs some change.
most other cruisers just perform as they should, atleast the 3 i used lately do. (assault cruiser, starcruiser, oddy starcruiser)
I agree that the Galaxy could do with a few changes, playing with BOFFs, a nicer turn rate... that sort of thing, although the Galaxy variants are very eng heavy I think it's to compensate for the lack of tanking the tac captain brings so that they can stay in a fight and use the tac career skills to do damage in large quantities and ok tht doesn't sit well with engineers and there should be an element of customisation for all the ships (perhaps a uni BOFF on all ships) so that you can better suit it to the captain.