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Originally Posted by phil3822 View Post
Thanks all for the replies. I have a few questions though.

Does the EPTS and EPTW share the same cooldown? If so I would think having 2 EPTS and a EPTW would ruin the chaining of EPTS I currently run and find useful. I am open to trying new things though.
They share a global cooldown, kicking each other into a 15s timer. With the purple doffs, this means you can chain a single copy each of EPTS(I use epts 3 whenever possible) and EPTW and keep both running full time.

You can, of course also run 2 copies of epts and 2 of eptw without the doffs and do the same thing. It just takes up more boff slots. You would hit epts1 -> eptw1 -> 2nd copy of epts 1 -> 2nd copy of eptw 1.

Going either route makes them chainable will full up time on both power levels
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