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Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
I think 2 Atb is only good if you use something with very long cooldown, like DEM. I think 1xA2B is probably the most cost-effective solution if you want put too many eggs in one basket.
there is no comparison between 1 and 2.

with 2 you are guarantied to have every one of your abilities at global, ruffly. since it slashes all your running cool downs every 10 seconds, basically every type of ability gets lowered twice during its cool down. it takes no though, no micromanaging, you just spam a key bind and your ships performance is improved 25-50% on certain ships. generally the really bad ships, or ships that have a wide variety of different stations, and tac cruisers.

commander level abilities, at global, DEM3, VM3, TBR3, APO3, EWP3, ES3, its awesome. also theres all that extra power in the other 3 systems all the time. depending on your pre set, you can have 125 across all 3 pretty easily, and over caped weapons power.

with 1 copy it requires careful timing, a ton of micro managing, and holding off fireing off certain things just so you can maybe get its benefit. and it doesn't lower anything to global, not quite. for decent up time your still better off doubling up on several types of things, and every once and a wile you wont need the second weaker copy of something.

i was just using 1 copy tonight on a MVAM escort trying to stomp through no win with a team of broken as hell TBR users. i ended up doubling up omega and TBR because the up time on both was unacceptably bad, even wile i was frantically trying to micro and deal with 30 npcs at once.

Originally Posted by aetam1 View Post
ok i admit i tend to forget atb builds because my timings suck too much to use it myself
if you can create key binds, you can handle 2 AtB. it requires no thinking, part of why its so great. in my pvp help thread in the useful links theres a link to a gui key bind creator. with it, any one can have all the key binds they want with just a couple of clicks
gateway links-->Norvo Tigan, Telis Latto Ruwon, Sochie Heim, Solana Soleus

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