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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
More accurately, it didn't work as designed, if/when it worked at all. For Season 7, it was redesigned as the T4 passive Kinetic proc. With slotting it into an ability slot, we no longer needed to sell the items.
NOW you tell me that?

i went through all the trouble to replace all my previously collected purple XI gear with [Borg] gear, and now you tell me that thing never worked? so i replaced weapons with weapons that do the SAME? *facepalm*

and now that you let the cat out of the bag that the items are indeed broken, there will be NO FIX? Instead you tell us to re-gear once more?

not cool bro, not cool at all.

Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
If the borg proc is becoming irrelevant can we have the weapons given a mod that is actually usefull to repalce it?

For example change a MK XII [Acc] [CrH] [Borg] weapon into [Acc] CrH] [CrD], or even [Dmg] would be ok.
that i could accept, but those would be TRUE Mk XII purples, and i have a feeling that the Dev's don't want us to have them.

Think about it, the DMGx3 fleet weapons are a joke, good but nothing anybody would want if there were proper Procs.
The Borg Items had a proc that only worked on one NPC type, therefore were fake Blue (and now i hear the Borg Proc wasnt even working? lol)
And in the dilithium store they sell purple Mk XI, which are basically the same as blue Mk XII

so everything is one balanced by math level of items.

I don't think they will ever hand out true 3 Mod purple XII Space Weapons, because then the other types would be a) outclassed, and the next update would REQUIRE Mk XIII items to outclass the current ones.

Instead they make *variations* of everything... including those LockBox Hybrid weapons, which are also no better than the usual 3 Proc Purple, because those are purples with 2 Procs but only 2 normal Mods.

Everything is the same level of effectiveness, and if ONE is upgraded to a true 3 Proc Purple XII, everything else would be outclassed by it.
So either you have a crying Playerbase (who storms the STF queue to re-gear), or Dev's who have to update/upgrade all kinds of items retroactively with no return of investment.
Well at least the LockBox stuff would get updated, don't want to make the #1 paying customers mad if their LockBox items would suddenly be outclassed.

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