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This question is for any dev willing to answer.

The new Omega Adapted Set cutting beam & torpedo both have multiple [DMG] modifiers on them (x3 and x2 respectively)

The Fleet weapons all have [DMG]x3.

Many dilithium store & crafted items have [DMG] modifier or [DMG]x2.

The Vesta Aux DHC also has [DMG]x2 modifiers.

It is also largely considered the worst possible modifier.

I'm not sure if that's 100% accurate for PvE content (it's certainly not as good as multiple CrtH or CrtD modifiers), but it's true for PvP certainly.

It's also, as modifiers go, pretty boring.

Why do we continue to see [DMG] modifier, and in many cases [DMG] x2 or x3 added to all kinds of new weapons?

Is it intended for these weapons to be mediocre by design, as a stepping stone towards getting weapons off the exchange or lucky drops?

Or do the devs have some other reason they consider [DMG] to be more valuable than the playerbase does?

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