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More or less as the Title says. Cryptic "give" us more and more P2W options to choose from. Each new ship is better then the old one without raising the level cap and this is actually forcing us to spend some money (dilith grind=time=money). No new PvP content, no new PvE content (other then grind), PvP in more and more borked state.

I decided to say "@#$&%$#" to Cryptics P2W and play only low level PvP. After reaching RA1 I will delete the toon and create new one, level it ultra fast with PvE up to cmdr and have two levels (cmdr and captain) of relatively funny PvP with minimal amount of P2W, not many ways or reason to get your doffs and with many variations of equipment (no sets, no grind, no sets, no STF plasma-resistant stuff) is seems to be all about you own skill and lot of fun.

Is here anyone here who is doing or has done this in the past? Leveling toons is kinda boring, but two first levels go fast and then PvE on VA is also quite boring so not that much difference.

All in all - is there any other place then cmdr/cpt level PvP when PvP is not yet stomped into ground by Cryptic? sure, getting fight is hard as hell, but then FvK is not better on VA and there are enough Klinks in Ker'rat to have fun killing them.

P.S. I would LOVE and PAY for an option to stay on certain level. I want to be captain or commander forever.