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why for Kahless's sake would KDF search a planet for D'Tan's people?!?
The Federation is infested with Undine, and hence there is a war going on between the Empire and the Federation. At the same time, the Fehk'ihri are attacking from places where they cannot be reached. The Borg are ravaging in Klingon space. Technologically vastly superior Iconians have been identified as a cause for some, maybe all of this, and now, the Tholians are assaulting Klingon House Starbases and Klingon space, such as the Nukara sytem (which of course belongs to the Klingon Empire!).

And those Tholians are also active in Tau Dewa, where a vast amount of Romulans has recently migrated to, building up a new base. Those Romulans have offered the Federation an alliance, but at the same time, have offered it to the Klingons, too.

Let me be honest with you, General. The war against the Federation is not progressing at all, with all the major distractions. Any small amount of support for the Federation might tip the balance to their favour. If they get the support of those Romulans in Tau Dewa, we might actually loose ground. That must never happen!

Thus, we must make the Romulans our friends, too, so they will remain neutral. This is very important. It might decide the war. The Klingon Empire counts on you.
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