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11-05-2012, 06:38 AM
I'm not even sure I believe that [dmg] is the worst modifier available, and I think everyone just jumps on that bandwagon and believes it when it seems to go against my experience.

Everyone seems to think that [acc] are the best because when you're maxed out in accuracy, they give you more critical procs, which will increase your DPS more than a sustained [dmg] modifier - but when I've been testing out new weapons setups and examing my battle log afterwards, [dmg]x3[crtD] fleet weapons have outperformed [dmg]x3[acc] weapons when specced for crits.

[dmg]x3 also outperforms [acc]x2 [dmg] weapons when you're specced for energy crits, it had a higher DPS over a 10-minute run.

Not to mention that fleet weapons easily outperform borg weapons!

Basically, I want to see some numbers and hard evidence that shows me that dmg is a poor modifier - because as of right now I simply don't believe it and I'm content to think it's just an urban legend of the forums.