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11-05-2012, 06:23 AM
First time ever attempting the mission was on Elite with 4 fellow players and one random guy. Took us about 30 minutes total, but without any optionals, although we believe they are very much doable with proper approach and should make the mission last for about 20 minutes with a good team.

Second time was on Normal with a complete random pve queue group. No problems whatsoever - done all the optionals and completed the mission in about 15 minutes or less. I was honestly surprised how easy that was, even for normal.

Nerf the insta-kill iso charge and leave the rest as it is (aside from bug fixing). Hell, I wouldn't mind other "Elite" STFs being brought up to this level of challenge, honestly.

And as for people who complain about "too high" difficulty, having no idea about teamplay and cooperation, being too lazy to read a simple bridge officer hint dialogue - they might as well go back collecting rocks on New Romulus and dont bother with STFs.
Please Cryptic, don't nerf the only somewhat challenging missions in the game only because of some - for lack of a better term - casuals... These missions are supposed to be challenging and the Onslaught is a decent addition. It's NOT too difficult, and only needs a few minor tweaks, if anything.