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Originally Posted by nicha0 View Post
On normal it was tougher than average, but I'd put that up to inexperienced players, the first run through was decent, 10-15 mins, the 2nd was painful with the group being wiped constantly by the unimatrix ships. The ships themselves don't have a problem, its the people flying, you can't fix stupid.

The queen flip flops agro randomly, is this normal? It also has too many one hit kills.

I wouldn't take anything but a good team on elite with this just yet.

Tactical cubes are easy enough, but a PUG will make a mess as everyone goes kirk on them.

Unimatrix ships torp spread hits frequently enough that on elite may cause some problems. The lance and plasma balls are avoidable, so thats ok. In a pug people have no ability to understand where they are matters, its just pew pew pew and complain when you die over and over the same way, changing doesn't enter their minds.

The queen is going to one hit you endlessly. It moves fast, has little warning over the big damage abilities and doesn't seem to lock on to one person. I'd imagine it is going to require some heavy debuffing to control properly.
"I wouldn't take anything but a good team on elite with this just yet"

Therein lies the problem though - I suspect that I'll end up PuG-ing this more often than not, in which case - like any STF/Fleet action, getting a good team is down to luck.
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