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11-05-2012, 06:44 AM
We have a lot of casual players in the fleet concerned with the S7 dilithium changes, as it is right now they have a very difficult time keeping up with their dilithium needs, they don't hit their cap often and with the raising requirements for personal and fleet needs they are feeling a bit helpless.

My personal concern is that while S6 brought players and fleets together the changes to dilithium in S7 are going to drive a wedge between them. People are greedy, by nature, they are going to use all their dilithium for themselves and who cares about the fleet when its between yourself and them? The starbase will nearly halt (its just barely crawling right now), the embassy isn't even an option really. So, more so than exists right now, we are going to have a very large percentage of the population using their dilithium for themselves and giving nothing to the fleet, which causes a rift between the giving and the not.

I have a feeling casual players will lose some hope, the game will cease to be fun when they simply can't get any equipment. Standard equipment EC costs will sky rocket as gear simply doesn't drop anymore, dilithium isn't obtainable for them in the ridiculous quantities needed, and they refuse to pay real money for the BASICs of any game.

The greedy and/or players will continue to play, using all their dilithium for themselves and put it onto the exchange for zen.

Your regular daily players will probably split between taking it one day at a time and despair. Some will be unable to cope with the excessive dilithium needed, some will just take it as it comes, chances are you'll lose people in this segment as well.