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Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
Then don't fly with random pugs - simple as that. Find yourself a decent fleet, a group of good players, or just join any one of the numerous "Elite" channels, so that you can find yourself a group presumably better than your average casuals.

As the previous poster have said - "you can't fix stupid". And the worst thing Cryptic could do is nerf every single team mission in the game so that they could be finished by anyone without any effort. They might as well introduce an "I win" button while at it.

I'm sorry if this'll come out rude or blunt, but honestly, if you suck then you should stay out of any STFs. And if you don't then show some initiative and do something so that you won't be forced to play only PvE queues. There are numerous channels and fleets devoted to this kind of gameplay - I assure you such experience will certainly come out better than a complete random pug. And this way at least some challenge in the game could be saved, without resorting to "press F to complete the mission"...
I don't suck - I'm very aware of what I am doing, and my Sci in my Wells class is a pretty effective crowd controller. Fact of the matter is if you end up in a PuG with four clueless rainbow-boats, it doesn't matter if you are the crowned King of DPS - that mission is probably going to fail.

Equally, I've played STF's where the PuG was fantastic and we've steamrollered the Borg.

And I am a member a Fleet - but the sad reality is that I'm not always online at the same time as many of my fleet-mates. And even then, those online have got to WANT to play the same STF/Fleet Action as you - and this isn't always the case (and fair is fair, I don't expect four other people to play an STF just because I want to. However, when they are available the mission almost always goes

I guess I could join another fleet, but I am VERY fond of the one I am in.
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