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Originally Posted by mrodds View Post
Thanks for the feedback!!!! We'll be looking at the insta-kills and the rewards.... If you all could, would you please post how long it took you to complete this STF? Remember to post if your time is for a normal run or elite.
Normal, about 30 mins here. It was a proper fleet combo of 2 Eng tank, a good Sci, and 2 tactical. It was a nice battle and felt like a nice game. Perfect for normal. Most of the group was their first time too so I suspect this time will drop to 20 mins or less with a specialized group and tactics are perfected.

Elite, about 50 mins, however the group was inexperienced with no real tank. And about 37mins on a retry for me with another decent fleet combo. It still provided a good challenge. Minimal one shots, since the group did a good job at keeping those plasma torps/bolts away from everyone's hulls and the tanks spread out while dealing with the queen. This will probably fall to 30 mins after tactics are locked down and people are more familiar with it. Of course if you get an incompetent group it wont be completable (which I am glad of! Keep up this higher difficulty! It is very nice to have.)

The Iso charge is really the only thing needing a tone down, but is manageable either way as properly done it'll only hit 2 ships max, and with everyone greater than 5km away, the other powers were tankable.
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