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11-05-2012, 07:51 AM
I have a finance background so these market economy discussions are not totally alien (ha ha) to me. However, I will admit not having spent or wasted a lot of brain cells on this issue since I see this as a game for enjoyment not a job.

Having said that, I have neither heard nor read anything from Cryptic (and that includes some recent forum postings by high level company reps) that fully and simply explain the logic, mechanism and theory behind these upcoming actions. At first blush, as many have already stated, it seems like a not too subtle attempt to extract additional real life funds from the player community. This lack of a simple laid out explanation just adds fuel to the fire as far as Cryptic's real intention goes. The stated position that dil is a time based currency is clearly fallacious since there are only a limited number of activities that supply it and there is no apparent correlation between actual time spent on a given activity and the amount of dil rewarded. Oh yes, and then there's the cap on refinement which, even if dil was a time based currency, effectively ends any further speculation.

I agree with the above post that these actions will ultimately have a negative impact on both casual and serious gamers. As I have stated in a previous thread I just don't see this as a good business strategy and hope (and beg) that Cryptic reconsider implementation. But hey, I could be wrong. These people are running the company and I'm sure have given it a lot of thought, created numerous analytical studies and models, while I have limited my head scratching to only snack time between missions. For the sake of all of us who love STO let's hope the vast majority of us are in error and the gurus at Cryptic are right.

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