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Originally Posted by therealfluffy View Post
With the closed economy in STO, with no outside regulation and no way for players to see what's going on, don't you think Cryptic will feed the Exchange with dilithium to maximize their revenue from Zen sales? I'm not saying they are, I have no evidence of that, I'm just saying they have the means and incentive and I doubt their stock holders would disagree...
What would be the point of doing that? I'm not saying they couldn't, but the relationship between dilithium and zen on the exchange is what links F2P and purchasing players together, in a sense. There's no point in distorting that relationship by feeding the exchange with created dilithium.

Specifically, if they want to inject dilithium into the economy, why sell it (which gives only the players currently paying benefit) when you can just increase the amount of dilithium available globally (by decreasing prices or increasing the amount that can be mined) which benefits both paying customers and those who aren't paying now (but might in the future?)

It seems to me that actively selling dilithium would be a hugely bad idea for Cryptic and I see no evidence that they're actually doing it.

Will the dilithium exchange crash? I wouldn't be surprised if it does drop significantly. But I think Cryptic sees that as somewhat of a blessing in disguise; it makes F2Pers dilithium more valuable for them and so they get more benefit and it increases the Zen turnover for the exchange.