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Originally Posted by xcom43 View Post
Yes but i should be able to at lest exchange all of my left over Zp for Dilithium.

Like i said i bought every thing in the Z store and have 8,000 to spare.I did not bye any at all on the test server this is from collecting my life sub 500 a month stipend it all so carries over to the test server as well this is where i got all of the Zp i did not spend a dime on test server.
The Dilithium Exchange will always be disabled on Tribble as it's a test server and not the live server. This is not a bug but intentional If you'd like to transfer over more Dilithium using the Dilithium Exchange, we suggest you put your offer in on Holodeck, wait for the ZEN to sell, and then re-import your character to the test server.


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