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Originally Posted by phil3822 View Post
Thanks, I dont think I really get the global cooldown thing and the doffs. Without the Damage control Doffs when I click EPTS it starts a global cooldown of 15 secs on EPTW I assume, do the Doffs lower this global cooldown? I am assuming so otherwise I would only be using EPTS every 30 secs. I may be getting confused here so please be gentle
When you use EPTS, it lasts 30 seconds and has a 45s cooldown. It also sets your EPTW to a 15 second timer. EPTW also enforces a 15s timer on your EPTS skill, but since it's still on it's own cooldown, it doesn't matter. So without doffs, you'd have to wait 15 seconds to be able to fire EPTS again . So your chain would look like this:

EPTS fires -> wait 15s -> EPTW fires -> then you have to wait 15 seconds to fire EPTS again because it's not off cooldown again.

What the doffs do, is cut down the actual skill timers(not the global one) so your chain would look like this:

EPTS -> wait 15s -> EPTW -> wait 15s -> EPTS fires again -> wait 15s -> EPTW fires again... rinse and repeat.

So this way you get a full cycle on your skills without having to spend 4 boff slots on it.

I hope that's clear enough. I'm tired and I'm not sure I'm explaining it as well as I could be
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