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Originally Posted by mrodds View Post
Thanks for the feedback!!!! We'll be looking at the insta-kills and the rewards.... If you all could, would you please post how long it took you to complete this STF? Remember to post if your time is for a normal run or elite.

On the friday testing thing I had a pug group that completed elite in about 40 minutes, first attempt for everyone. We missed two optional objectives (one of which, keeping 3 people alive on the unimatrixes, was entirely our own stupidity, we killed the first one fine and in crossing over to the second one we all blew up flying straight at it).

The first part (tac cubes): I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but it's easy to agro all of them with scatter volleys and torp spreads (which are very useful in other STFs and fleet actions). Expecting players to have single target builds just for this wouldn't be good, although you can pull the tac cubes solo and so on. Which goes to my second sub point, which is that I think you should push the cubes back a couple of Km from the spawn point, because it's easy to accidentally pull all the cubes onto the respawn point and death loop yourselves.

Unimatrixes. Seems like it's just a dps check, not a problem really.

The Octahedron is another matter. Fast, aggressive, easily one shots even a well geared bug we had in our group. Players really need to gang up on it, and even then it can chew through people. Unfortunately, this would be a great boss if you could have tanks and healers guaranteed in a group, but I could see a scenario where some groups just can't survive long enough to do any damage, and then pull her onto the respawn point.

Just a thought, but maybe have a repair freighter or something in the instance for the first couple of months, so people can actually patch themselves up while learning how to do it. Otherwise ship injuries could make this a bit problematic. A lot of ways to die and leave yourself incapable of surviving later into the encounter.

While it's an interesting challenge I think it highlights some of your core systems problems. You don't have 'tanks and healers' for example, or a least don't guarantee you will get competent ones in a pug, but then all your content needs to be designed for dps tanks or it seems insanely hard even when it isn't. Carrier pets can, will, and do, run off and agro stuff on their own, which is normally minor, but on tactical cubes it can be a nightmare. Being able to pull mobs to respawn points is usually not all that serious, but becomes a problem when those mobs can just utterly destroy anyone who spawns before they can react. 1 tactical cube on a spawn point is player stupidity, 6 tactical cubes on a respawn point is either an epic troll or bad design.